singles adventure fitness holiday

Zendo’s favourite workout playlist

singles adventure fitness holiday

Our favourite workout playlist motivates us to do that one last rep, add more weight and run a little faster! It pushes us to workout harder and longer! So, having a gym in the Caribbean has opened our ears to Latin and Afro inspired beats. The genres we love the most are soca, dancehall and reggae.

Our top 5 songs:
Shake Body- Skales
Dancehall Soldier- Yellow claw
Rules of the Dance (Kahn remix)- Mungo’s Hi Fi
Church Heathen- Shaggy
Doh Tell Meh Dat- Flipo

The playlist improves our workouts because it improves our mood. If we were to listen to our playlists outside of the gym we would be dancing with a smile on our face. The rhythm is always fun, upbeat and positive. No swear words or degradation of women. This is far more important than people think. No need for intense and aggressive music to stay motivated and pumped up.

The misconception is that you need to channel your anger in the gym but the trick is to discover the joy and bliss of exercise. Those who are doing it right are enjoying the struggle or having fun. Sustainable health and fitness is mindful. Like meditation, don’t drown out your thoughts. You simply allow them to come and go as you focus on your inhales and exhales. If your fitness is fueled by anger and stress you will be taking a treacherous road to health. This path leads to a crash more often than not. Meander through your own natural and inspiring path. A road that leads to discovery and ultimately fulfillment.

Choose music that makes you moves your hips and snap your fingers. Imagine how much time you spend listening to your workout music. It adds up to a substantial amount of time. Therefore make sure your music plants seeds of rythm and growth rather than anger and negativity.