Zach’s week: Try It Out! It will change your lifestyle


I have come up with this revolutionary new lifestyle change program that guarantees health for life! It’s called Try It Out. Try it out for a week. Or maybe even better: try it out once a week for 3 months. Think a bit more long term and sustainable. Sun, garlic, surfing, bottle of wine. All good medicine comes in doses.

Here is a great sample week

Meatless Monday- Go vegetarian.

That doesn’t mean eat a pound of nuts and eat cheese pizza. Think about what vegetable you enjoy. Eat those as snacks. Find a recipe online and try it out. No need to change recipes weekly. In fact, practice and master one or two of your go to meals to ensure no excuse habits. When choosing a recipe educate yourself about the ingredients. What is so great about kale? Brussel sprouts are a superfood? Invest some time into something that could potentially change your life. One day a week for the rest of your life is significant. Your days add up, don’t let them get ahead of you.


Green tea Tuesday- Switch out Coffee for Green tea.

Some more homework for you. I always suggest people go on when considering buying things that are subject to opinion and variety. Especially when it comes to health foods. Don’t keep yourself up at night but look at the opinions and more importantly check out the different reviews. Chances are someone else did the homework for you and provides cliff notes with the review. NOTE A review is an opinion Not always fact or applicable to you. Compare, contrast, and try one out. Coffee isn’t the devil but green tea offers many benefits and a gentle, non acidic break from a constant onslaught of caffeine. Think the day after your espresso will be that much more effective.

Wednesday eating window- 14 hours no eating-10 hours of eating- 15 hours no eating

It is extremely rare I don’t tell someone to try an eating window. It offers so many unique layers self dialogue and experience while fasting and deciding when you are hungry. Chances are the first 14 hour fast will be challenging but the second one (and maybe even the third) grants you the wisdom to slow down and decide what hunger is. What is feels like to be hungry. Rather than wanting to eat. You are possessed by a fat, obsessive, american hunger demon that battles most modern humans. Don’t let a busy mind create a busy mouth and a busy stomach. This is about much more than food. -Guide yourself. Mindful vision is 20/20.


Thirsty Thursday- Drink a meal

You may have tried a smoothie before. Made it yourself or maybe at jamba jiuce. Both of which had may to much sugar and not what I am talking about. I’m looking for less fruit, more fat. Don’t forget the protein and spinach. Step up your blender game. Remember a good meal replacement smoothie contains 3 important things. High quality protein, fats, and phytonutrients (greens).

This recipe is a great base!

8ish oz of water
1 scoop of protein powder or
Dallop of greek yogurt or kefir
¼ to ½ avocado
1 cup frozen berries (½ a banana works too)
Handful of spinach
Cinnamon to taste

Be creative after making your first couple smoothies. If you have some vanilla extract add a splash, raw cacao powder? Add a bit and see how it tastes. Become a smoothie alchemist!

Free range Friday- Get outside and walk around.

It is the simple things in life that offer the most pleasant rewards. You have all week to find a place to walk around. It might just be outside those four walls around you. Unless you are taking a photo (no selfies). That phone stays in your damn pocket. See if you can’t focus on your breathing. Deep inhales and exhales. How many steps can you take on an inhale. Match it on your exhale. This isn’t about enlightenment yet. More about lightenment. Stand up a bit straighter by inhaling deeper. Drop that massive weight of an entire week off your shoulders. You are hunched over like Atlas and looking just as miserable.

By Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez
Saturday strength- Lift some weights. If your bodyweight feels heavy. That will do.

After a long week of work there is nothing better than a little struggle. If you’re already tired even better. I swear to you. Smart strength training will not wear you out. It will make you feel stronger and more energized. That is what happens. You gain strength. Mentally, physically, spiritually. You don’t have to lift the heaviest weights. Just find struggle in resistance rather than fatigue. If you can do more than 10 repetitions it is too light. As you get fatigued those weights may drop. The weight isn’t glued to your hands. Go lighter or heavier if you have to. When deciding to do upper or lower body. Choose lower body.

Sunday funday- Enough of listening to me.

What sounds fun? Do it. Don’t cut yourself short.You’ve had such a great week! Monday you will feel like a new person.