What Supplements are Right for You?

In a perfect world we could grow and catch what we need to eat to stay healthy. Some of us aren’t there yet… Not only are we not eating the colorful whole foods that we need but more importantly, we’re not getting enough nutrients to sustain energy throughout the day. How do we fill the void? Well, ideally we find the source in our food but sometimes the most convenient and efficacious way is through supplements.


I am not a supplement junkie by any means but I do use three supplements on a regular basis and suggest the same three to most. Here they are in order.


1. Omega-3 ( fish oil, krill oil, flaxseed oil). Either of the three will work, but fish oil is the most cost effective. If you haven’t read or heard the health benefits of Omega-3 you may be living in a bubble. Doctors, nutritionists, and athletes all agree this stuff is gold. Naturally found in marine animals, Omega-3s are known as brain food, crucial for not only brain development, but beneficial for your heart, eyes, skin, and the list goes on. Omega-3 is an essential oil because your body cannot make it. I suggest a marine source because they exclusively contain the most important Omegas, DHA and EPA while plant based oils contain mostly ALA which doesn’t have the same benefits.


2. Greens Superfood Powder. Leafy greens are good, green superfoods are great! I love fresh picked vegetables but the edge that Superfoods Powder has, is it’s diversity of ingredients and it’s level of convenience. While I admit they typically don’t taste great, there are some that do, and they are a perfect mix for a delicious morning smoothie and a convenient way to get in the phytonutrients that most are missing. The issue is that most people eat too much food and not enough nutrients. So is this for you? I suggest trying it for ten days and assess its nutritional effect. I don’t know of any that have looked back.


3. Protein Powder. This one is not as essential as the other two, but it’s a great nutritional crutch for people on the go or people who limit or exclude meat from their diet. Far too often people reach for bagels, granola bars, and other processed foods as a morning or midday snack. A yummy smoothie with some protein powder is the perfect choice for any time of the day.

I use these three supplements every day paired with plenty of colorful veggies, a bit of fruit, and some meat if I am in the mood. Here is an example of my typical daily diet.


5:30am Wake up

5:45am Green tea, 1 fish oil, greens powder with water.

7:00am 2 eggs usually hard boiled, 1 carrot, ½ mango or 1 apple

11:00am Protein powder with water

3:00pm Broccoli with lots of garlic and onions, 1 fish oil

7:30pm Grilled dorado and bell peppers in a salad with tomatos and avacado

10:00pm Bed time


The times and portions may change.

Eat when you are hungry.

Only as much as you need.

Think nutrients not calories.

Diversify your foods, but find your go-to’s for satiety.

If you don’t want an apple, you’re not hungry.