Weightloss Camp


During a Weightloss Camp we teach you the tools to make real, lasting, sustainable lifestyle changes. Everyone is an individual, therefore your program will be custom tailored around you – your work life, your history of fitness, your body type and your specific needs.




Our Bootcamp Vacation is an intensive week of activity designed to push athletes of all levels to new heights through incredible experiences. This Bootcamp is perfect for all fitness levels – from professional athletes to top executives to those just starting their fitness journeys. Get Fit and Have Fun!


Tropical Fitness Holiday


Our signature camp, leaving you enough spare time to get for example some kiteboarding in. Set in our eco adventure paradise in the Dominican Republic, our Tropical Fitness Holiday is designed to get you feeling fit, healthy, happy and energized.


Sample Schedule

Wellness in a place like Cabarete is all about building energy to seize the entire day. We make sure our guests are properly fueled and empowered to be active with a plethora of healthy options. Health requires a balance of both fitness and relaxation.
Some days are action packed, while others are focused on relaxation and recovery.
Here is what our schedule looks like.
Locally grown coffee and surf at sunrise. Pick a banana off the tree or order a detox juice before yoga. Followed by either flying trapeze with the circus or a coconut water and massage in your room. By noon we suggest a farm to table lunch at the beach restaurant or maybe a trip to see where your food grows. A river tube float and meal at Taino organic farm. We also make sure we are back in time for the wind after lunch. Harness the wind and take kiteboard lesson or maybe head to our beach tiki gym for a workout. Post kite or workout power smoothie is waiting at the bar. Clean and rejuvinate with Coffee scrub and shower back in your room. Pick up your book and hang out by the pool but don’t miss happy hour from 4:30 to 7. Chances are you will make 5 new friends from 5 different countries. The group can decide what’s for dinner. Choose from dozens of restaurants on the beach for dinner but latin dance is at Ojo club starting at 10. You can always go home and get some rest. It’s still only Thursday.
The essence of travel is experience. Mind, body and soul. Now more than ever travelers are looking to be more than tourists. Experience life in a new place like a local. Immersed in the fun and friendly Dominican culture as well as the geographic playground that surrounds them.
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Our nutrition program is pretty special, as our beachfront restaurant is supplied by our very own organic Farm (which we’ll take you on a tour of). This means we’ve always got the highest quality, freshest ingredients on hand, so you’re always getting nutrient dense meals to maximize your energy and thus, your happiness. Balanced and healthy nutritional calories out of farm fresh ingredients will fuel you to reach your fitness goals!

Emily, our Nutritionist, offers individual and group sessions, where your needs can be addressed and you get offered easy implementable advice! Here’s a list of sample topics Emily prepared for you.


With so many sports, activities and things to do there is really never a dull moment in Cabarete. Here is just a sample of some of the fun things you can get up to while you’re visiting us. Depending on your desires you might be kiting, surfing, learning the trapeze or taking yoga classes. We also offer one-off activities such as visiting the 27 waterfalls, white water rafting, canyoning, hiking, horseback riding, stand up paddle tours, massages and more.

If not already included in your Fitness Camp you can schedule these activities upon arrival or let us know when you are booking.