Tackling Gymtimidation

by Jeremy Trostel

tackling gymtimidation

Gymtimidation is when one fears going to the gym due to an insecurity, whether it be a physical insecurity, mental insecurity or in many circumstances a combination of both. When we host weightloss camps here at eXtreme hotel, gymtimidation is one of the most common reasons given to us by fitness campers for why they do not regularly attend a gym or health club back home.

Two basic examples of gymtimidation are:

  • Lack of knowledge: many people fear going to the gym because they do not know where to begin. Set foot in any gym or health club and you’re bombarded with hundreds of pieces of equipment, and sales people running up to tell you about the next miracle supplement that will change your life.
  • Another form of gymtimidation is being self conscious: most people associate gyms with a bunch of healthy good looking people. So if you are just starting to train and never set foot into a gym  it’s easy to see why one may be intimidated when starting a training program.

A few basic tips I have for breaking through these anxieties are:

  • Find a training partner: having a training partner makes stepping into the gym a bit more comfortable because you know you have someone there for you and you are not all on your own. Having a training partner also will help you with accountability. Most people do not mind letting themselves down. But if they know they have someone counting on them to show up they are more likely to pull through. Finally a training partner will give you motivation and someone to help push you through the tough times where one may give up or quit if they are by themselves.
  • Another tip I would give someone for overcoming gymtimidation would be to join a group class. Group classes are a great ice breaker. It gives you the opportunity to meet others like yourself at the gym. It also is a great way on picking up new training methods and exercises to add to your personal arsenal. You can add them to your training program to keep it from getting stale and boring. After all you always need to be adding something new or tweaking your routine to keep it fresh and keep yourself interested and motivated. Otherwise you’re a lot more likely to quit your routine or stop showing up to the gym.
  • Another easy way to overcome gymtimidation, especially for someone who is new and just starting to train, is find a good personal trainer. Find yourself a good personal trainer who you are compatible with. This will ensure that when you are starting you are not cutting corners or reps and you are performing your exercises in a safe manner with proper form. This will ensure you’re getting the results you want and you’re drastically reducing the chance of injuring yourself which can be a huge set back. Having a personal trainer also serves as someone who you can talk to about proper nutritional intake and can give you information regarding supplements as well.
proper form

I feel here at eXtreme Fitness Camps we do a great job at combining all the aspects previously discussed in this article. In our Gym, Zendo Fitness, we have trainers who are patient and looking forward to work with anyone,  whether it be someone who is just starting out on their fitness journey or be it an elite athlete. eXtreme Fitness Camps offer an individual a chance to escape the ratrace and gives them a beautiful beach gym where they can reboot and refocus their energy towards that of achieving a new healthy lifestyle. We offer professional coaching and guidance at each step of the way in a beautiful tropical paradise surrounded by nature and a beautiful coastline. Allowing one to relax and obtain the knowledge given to them by our professional staff which in the end will equip each camper with the confidence to go back home kicking gymtimidation in the scrotum. We want you to continue the journey you started here with us, with knowledge and the utmost confidence, which will lead you back into a healthy active lifestyle you have no problem sticking with and continuing.