Nutrition At eXtreme Fitness Camps

With Emily Reilly

Emily Reilly Nutritionist eXtreme Fitness CampsEmily takes a holistic approach to nutrition and fitness. Our nutritional requirements are only part of the picture. Holistic wellness is a means of living a healthy lifestyle that includes looking at the body as an entire system, and addressing its needs as a whole. A healthy body should be strong, flexible, resilient, pain-free, resistant to disease, and fun to live, work, and play in. Incorporating healthy nutrition means discovering the types of eating patterns that work for each individual, incorporates your specific dietary goals, takes into account how your work, life, family, and location affects how you get on the table.

So many of us rush through our lives and find it hard to take the time to really attend to how what we put in our bodies affects the rest of our health. Then one day we wake up feeling unhappy with what we see in the mirror, or even worse, we are told by a health care provider that we need to make some serious change. A visit with Extreme Hotel and our fitness camp can be the first big step towards health and wellness.

Sample Nutrition Topics

  • Nutrition for muscle building and strength conditioning
  • Nutrition for the Mature Woman. How peri-menopause and menopause affect weight gain, nutrient needs,organic farm to table salad stress and physical stamina and how our diets can support a healthy and happy transition.
  • Pre and Post natal Nutrition. Specific nutritional needs of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and postpartum weight loss.
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition. Learn different ways to keep plant based eating exciting, healthy and rewarding.
  • Navigating the grocery store. The grocery is not a scavenger hunt, but if you don’t feel comfortable reading labels, or spending time making choices it can feel like one.
  • Meal planning with limited time. Life is crazy, planning and preparing your meals doesn’t have to be.
  • Meal planning on a budget. How to fuel your body without straining your bank account.
  • It is easy to eat healthy in Cabarete, but what about at home?
  • Healthy eating for the whole family. Your whole family deserves to eat healthily, convincing them of that can be difficult. Learn how to create balanced meals for many ages, needs and desires without breaking the bank and making different  meals for every person at the table.
  • Teens and Nutrition. Puberty is hard enough already, growth spurts, changes in metabolism, and peer pressure can all take their toll on teens attitudes and appetites towards food.
  • Hints to find the healthy foods on a menu. Feel confident in your menu choices. Learn where the hidden empty calories, fat and sugar hide in restaurant food, and how to make sure you get what you want, and know of what you don’t.
  • Local/ traditional foods. Discover the hidden nutrition gems of traditional foods.
  • Eating in a food desert. How do you make healthy food choices when variety and freshness is not available.
  • Kitchen “clean outs” get rid of those empty calories and start over with cupboards filled with health organic food body acidityregarding food.
  • Snacking How to make choices for snacks that will help you keep your energy up, even when you feel like time is crunched, or that bag of cookies is calling your name.
  • Adjusting nutrition to your activity level. Just started a new exercise schedule and now you want to eat everything in your house? Never fear, there are ways to fuel your body that will help you keep your weight goals and stay energized.
  • Diet myths and fads. Send questions regarding specific myths and diets and have a rousing discussion as to what is myth, what is fact, and what is somewhere in between.