Emily Reilly Nutritionist at eXtreme Fitness Camps

Intro Of Emily Reilly, Nutritionist At eXtreme Fitness Camps

Greetings and salutations from Nutrition and Fitness at eXtreme Fitness Camps. My name Is Emily. I am the new nutrition coach at our little Home Away from Home, in beautiful Cabarete as well as a teacher for the Yoga Loft and the gym. I have my masters in international public health with a focus on nutrition as well as Certification as a personal trainer and Nutrition Coach, WIC nutrition counselor for pre and post partum women and children.

Emily takes a holistic approach to nutrition and fitness. Our nutritional requirements are only part of the picture. Holistic wellness is a means of living a healthy lifestyle that includes looking at the body as an entire system, and addressing its needs as a whole. A healthy body should be strong, flexible, resilient, pain-free, resistant to disease, and fun to live, work, and play in. Incorporating healthy nutrition means discovering the types of eating patterns that work for each individual, incorporates your specific dietary goals, takes into account how your work, life, family, and location affects how you get on the table. Click here to learn more about Emily’s nutrition consultation program.

So many of us rush through our lives and find it hard to take the time to really attend to how what we put in our bodies affects the rest of our health. Then one day we wake up feeling unhappy with what we see in the mirror, or even worse, we are told by a health care provider that we need to make some serious change. A visit with Extreme Hotel and our fitness camp can be the first big step towards health and wellness.

If you have an existing fitness practice our fitness and nutrition coaching we can help boost you into even more healthy patterns of eating and fitness. If healthy eating and movement feels like a trip to the moon…relax. We will take you by the hand and help you learn the skills to create sustainable change so that you can apply techniques learned in this supportive environment to your live back home, or wherever the wind takes you.

During your fitness session I make it my mission to create a space for exploration of exercise that challenges and enhances both physical and mental health (while keeping things fun). I have been a lifelong student of movement arts and knows that finding the “right fit” can change exercise from a chore into a joy. My classes focus on using physical activity to enhance personal enjoyment of life and sustain/increase independence. I am  trained in: Pilates/Reformer pilates, Aerial conditioning, Suspension training systems, Elder Fall prevention, Home Fall prevention evaluation, pre and post natal nutrition, and has been teaching vinyasa yoga in since 2007. I have been an ACE personal trainer and nutrition coach since 2015. My background in public health and women’s health have focused her passions to incorporate safe body dynamics, core health and toning, and healthy body image, while still delighting in movement for movement’s sake. Emily’s goal for her classes is to create a space for personal growth, healing, and adventure. For Emily, exercise is not just a way to de-stress and tone muscles, it is also part of the process of injury recovery and preventative health that assists in developing a healthy well rounded life.