How to do the Air Squat

In this Video our Master Trainer Zach gives us a tutorial of how to Air Squat! It’s a simple yet powerful body weight exercise regardless your fitness level.

A proper technique, precision and good posture is so important, so don’t forget the cues: knees out, belly in, heels down, hips back, and of course: stay bouncy and don’t forget to breathe! Beginners will learn in this video the basics. For advanced students this how to is as well a good reminder of staying mindful during a supposedly simple exercise.

It’s not important how deep you can do the Air Squat. It’s more important to repeat the exercise fluidly. Through taking care of your posture you protect your muscles and joints in correct alignment. You protect as well your bones, especially the back and spine, which is super beneficial for the desk jockeys among us, sitting the entire day behind the computer. Breathing becomes easier and deeper which again improves your performance.

Once you are comfortable with it, you can easily vary Air Squats. You have a wide range of exercises to choose from, squats never get boring. There are countless variations, starting from simply adding weights or making plyometric exercise out of it. You can see many squat variations in our workouts, subscribe to our Zendo Fitness YouTube channel or simply follow this blog.