Why we don’t believe in a Fat Camp

Jeremy Trostel about how we help weight loss clients to find a healthy lifestyle instead of promoting a fat camp.

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One of the most searched terms on google when it come to losing weight, is fat camp. We at eXtreme Fitness Camps prefer to call it weight loss or lifestyle camp. Sustainable weight loss requires a change in your eating, working and lifestyle choices.
Most of the weight loss camp clients that come down with the goal of losing weight tend to be very successful business men and women, who are overworked and overstressed. They make work and career to their priorities in life and put personal and mental health on the back burner. This leads to weight gain, stress and other health issues.
The essence of what we do here for weight loss camp clients is educate the client on the importance of taking care of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. We do so through a multi-faceted approach with personal one on one training, nutritional coaching, yoga, Pilates and group fitness classes. Whatever you’re looking for it is available here.
A major issue we come across with most of our weight loss camp clients is time management. Again most have careers which require major hours at the office or in front of the computer. We try to instill healthy habits that anyone can incorporate into their daily routine both nutritionally and physically. We do so by providing daily, weekly, monthly, yearly training programs and nutritional guidance. Small lifestyle changes here and there applied in one’s daily routine eventually lead to huge changes in one’s life and often lead to more productivity and success in their career.

When fat camp clients come for our lifestyle camp here at eXtreme Fitness Camp they become part of the family. Their schedule is laid out for them: they have the option of starting the morning off with yoga, a personal training session or joining in on a group fitness class. From there they have the option to take a walk or jog on the beach, relax and eat a healthy organic breakfast at La Mesa Taina, our farm to table restaurant at eXtreme Hotel. That’s just the start of the fat camp clients’ day! We are fortunate to be set in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Cabarete offers fat camp clients an array of outdoor activities such as hiking, canyoning, snorkeling, surfing, kite surfing etc. etc the options are truly endless here.

So instead of beating your self up looking for fat camps I encourage you to come down to eXtreme Fitness Camp and take the first step in changing your life. All the success you earn in your life will be for nothing if you do not have the mental, physical, and emotional health to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
That’s where I think our weight loss camps are different from other fat camps. We are about more than numbers on the scales. Our main goal is educate our weight loss camp clients to become their own wellness coach for sustainabble weight loss and the ability to set their own training and nutritional programs.
Once you come down for a lifestyle camp here at eXtreme Fitness Camp you become part of the family and if you ever need guidance or motiation both Zach and I are only a Skype call or email away and are always willing and eager to help out.
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