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Our Approach

About eXtreme Fitness Camps

Intensity & Variety

We only accept a few guests at a time so the trainers have time to focus on you.  The classes are adjusted to your level, and you have constant attention from our certified trainers, so you cam make the most of your time with us. Our approach and programs is to keep it simple and vary it up.  There’s always a new trendy key work like CrossFit or hit – but it’s all the same basic principals.  We focus on form and technique, avoiding injuries and maximizing benefits.

We focus on functional fitness, and work a lot with bodyweights.  We mix in some old school free-weights and add a splash of rock and roll to push through the tough parts .

Sustainable Changes

We believe that healthy change comes with routine, correct technique and a measured approach.  Our fitness trainers provide support to help you establish long-term habits that you will take with you into the rest of your life.

eXtreme Fitness Camp Jeremy Trostel

The Team

Our team of professionals and certified fitness professionals will be with you all the way, to encourage and inspire you to create long term, sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes. We are positive people who are eager to help out in any way possible and in creating a family atmosphere were you will always be welcome.

Follow this link to learn more about your trainers at eXtreme Fitness Camps.

Our Partners

Being part of the eXtreme Hotel family, Extreme Fitness Camps forms part of a collective of small ethical businesses. This allows us to offer incredible services to compliment an amazing, transformational bootcamp experience.

You’ll have on-site access to world-class yoga teachers at our beachfront yoga studio, delicious organic food from our own Taino Organic Farm, world class kite boarding instruction, incredible surf lessons –

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