Zendo Fitness Center

eXtreme Fitness Camps at Zendo Fitness Center

Your classes as an eXtreme Fitness Camper will be at our gym, Zendo Fitness Center. Zendo Fitness is a tiki hut under a cana roof cooled by the ocean breeze, right next to the beach. You can find us at eXtreme hotel at Kitebeach Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

In addition to our Fitness Camps we offer as well personal training and regular daily fitness classes for travellers and the local community. The gym is the best place to start or finish your day, to keep you feeling good during your stay in Cabarete.

Every fitness class is customized to the athletes in each class. Making an incredible workout for all fitness levels. Even those with mild and severe injuries! Part Jedi-mind training, part holistic crossfit. You have never had a class like this before.

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