eXtreme Fitness Camps. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

eXtreme Fitness Camps is based at eXtreme Hotels and located at Kitebeach Cabarete in the sunny Dominican Republic. The Team of eXtreme Fitness Camps is brought together by a common belief in the foundation of fitness for a strong, healthy body and mind. On a eXtreme Fitness Camp, you will learn proper movements to increase range of motion and strength, which are the cornerstones of fitness.

Our instructors take pride in the total transformation physically, emotionally, and mentally. We are positive people who are eager to help out in any way possible and in creating a family atmosphere were you will always be welcome. Our ultimate goal is our clients leave eXtreme Fitness Camp with the ability to unlock the inner personal trainer/ athlete. We want you to  leave your holidays with the knowledge and confidence to design and program your own exercise programs to continue the journey you started with us.

Jeremy Trostel

Jeremy Trostel

Instructor, Personal Trainer

Jeremy is NASM certified personal trainer. His main focus as a trainer and coach and what he takes pride in is creating personalised, customised programs. These programs are designed to help clients reach their fitness goals with a focus on correct faulty movement patterns and muscle imbalances through restorative exercise. He has a love and passion for fitness and living a healthy and active life style. Jeremy grew up playing team sports such as basketball and football. For him, the best part about working as a trainer is seeing people come down to Cabarete and seeing them transform not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well.