• Activities

    Cabarete offers a brilliant variety of exciting things for you to do when you’re taking a break from your fitness workout. A paradise for your sporty side, Cabarete has something for everyone.

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  • The Gym

    Situated in a thatched roof octagon, the Rogue Fitness Center  is the only solar powered gym in the Caribbean and boasts a beachfront location with dazzling views to inspire your workout.

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  • Extreme Hotel Cabarete

    With a gorgeous tropical setting and a relaxed, cool vibe, staying at the hip eXtreme Hotel Cabarete will let you be at one with the stunning surroundings on the world famous Kite Beach.

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Our Fitness Camps

  • Be a Part of a Team:

    This is the ultimate fitness vacation in the Carribean. Our team of fitness professionals will help you achieve your goals maintain them. Our mission? to make sure that you enjoy the challenge and learn about fitness in the idyllic settings of this vibrant Caribbean surftown.

  • Any level is welcome:

    whether you workout once a year or everyday, we cater for all levels of fitness with a broad range of activities that are designed to specifically suit each individual and help them achieve their personal goals in a heavenly tropical landscape.

  • Book with us today

    Send us an email indicating which Fitness Camp you are interested, how long you would like to stay, and what your current fitness condition and future goals are.

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